Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break - Really?

This week is Spring Break for Wyatt so we decided to all go to a Pacer's game together since we aren't able to get away for an official vacation. This was Wyatt's second game in one week and mom catalogued his first outing here. You'll want to check it out!

It was great for us all to do something fun together and see the kids excitement when we bumped into one of the mascots named Bowser.

Bowser tried pulling off Wyatt's Titans jersey and in doing so scared Amelia really good! Wyatt had no problem holding his ground and was all smiles through the whole fun adventure.

Wyatt loves to color and made sure to make a "poster" earlier in the day to take along with us - here they are sporting it for us! And yes, Amelia was either eating, drinking, or dancing the entire game. It is hard for her to sit still and luckily our seats were in the first row of an upper section so we didn't have anyone in front of us for Amelia to continually bump into!

Whew - here we are at the end of the night. Ready to go home, but so thankful we were able to enjoy some fun family time together with the kids.

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