Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stella & Dot Launch Party + Sneak Peek

Oh...I've gone missing again, but I'm back now! I have been so busy with preparing for the interview for the dining room last week and then with launching my new business with Stella & Dot.

So we'll combine a dining room sneak peek into the Stella & Dot Launch Party since that is where I held the party! The party was so much fun and everyone loved the jewels!! I had great sales and am already so excited about the future with them. I love merchandising product so I had a fun time setting up the display areas in my entry way and dining room.

You can see the girls all shopping and trying on the jewelry. What a great excuse to have a girls night in, huh?

I absolutely love how the dining room turned out and it was so fun to hold this event here in the updated space. Now I just have to plan for the photo shoot next week (which is the follow up of the interview from last week) and then the pressure is off! I'll be sure to share the local write up once I receive a copy. I'll also be sure to post in the near future the full reveal of the dining room.

Look at what I caught this little one doing after the guests had left and it was time to clean up!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Away

This past weekend I headed off to Bloomington, IL (home of Patty Young!) for some much needed time with girlfriends and a Hearts at Home conference. The conference's theme this year was Real Moms, Real Lives, Real Stories - I left with my "batteries recharged" and some great tips for running a more organized and happy home.

I've been missing around here lately because my dining room redo has turned into an even bigger project than I had planned! This Thursday morning it will be photographed for the local magazine - ahhhh! Exciting, but more pressure than I had planned on putting on myself. However, I must say that I'm loving how it is turning out and the motivation to have it done by a specific date! I'll be sure to be posting final "after" photos since it will be finished in a couple of days!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slowly but Surely

Here are some of the finishing touches that Joe and I bought last weekend from Crate & Barrel for the dining room. I still need to find the white round plates for the wall display that I want to do - I'm on the search for a bargain! Then I have some artwork and window treatments to hang. Slowly, but surely we're getting there.

I have missed blogging lately, but have been so busy starting up my Stella & Dot boutique jewelry line. I am having such a great reaction to it and can't wait to see how this will grow!

I'll be back soon with the final reveal of the dining room - stay tuned!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sneak Peak

Sneak peak of what you ask?! Well, if you look closely you can see the new wall color in the background along with the new dishes to the left. However, I wasn't intending on giving you a sneak peak at all until Amelia ran in today to announce that they had colored on the table!

What table you ask?!! Yes, the dining room table. The room that they never play, color, or do anything in.

"Why?"!!!!! That is all I kept asking (yelling was more like it) them before I banished them to their rooms. After a few recommended solutions from google we were able to remove the permanent marker - oh, and some of the finish in that area as well!

Now that the tightness in my chest has subsided I decided to share with all of you my saga. As I was uploading the photos for this post I didn't recognize one and so I opened it fully to see what it was. To my surprise, the below image is what I found.

Yes, I fell asleep on the job and there is proof! Don't I just look angelic?

Amelia was supposed to be down for her nap as well, but she obviously had gotten up and they were so quiet that I never knew. Lesson learned - no down time?!

My Favorite Girl + My Favorite Shoes

Joe and I were able to spend the afternoon together shopping for the dining room redo finishing touches and spent the evening celebrating his birthday over sushi. What a treat! Upon our return, Amelia promptly threw on my favorite shoes so she could look like me with my heels on from our fancy date. I call Amelia "my favorite girl" and lucky for me she is my only girl! So, it was a great way to end my day with my favorite girl wearing my favorite shoes!

I hope you are all enjoying your family and weekend!