Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Favorite Girl + My Favorite Shoes

Joe and I were able to spend the afternoon together shopping for the dining room redo finishing touches and spent the evening celebrating his birthday over sushi. What a treat! Upon our return, Amelia promptly threw on my favorite shoes so she could look like me with my heels on from our fancy date. I call Amelia "my favorite girl" and lucky for me she is my only girl! So, it was a great way to end my day with my favorite girl wearing my favorite shoes!

I hope you are all enjoying your family and weekend!


Janis said...

I remember these adorable shoes in pictures from Houston. They look so cute on those tiny feet!

You do a great job with your blog. The graphics are lovely and your stories charming. I'll be following. :)

Paula Prass said...

Hey, I recognize those adorable toes (and shoes)!