Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Baby is 5!

It is so hard to believe that Amelia is 5 years old. The years have flown by and it was so fun to celebrate her special day - she was so excited. We agreed on a "Cupcake Decorating" party and it was actually quite fun. The kids made the cutest little cupcakes - perfect for capturing on film!

Amelia has a love of all things girly. It was fitting that she received lip gloss, stickers, hair bows, jewelry, and her first jewelry box (she actually received 2!). Hmmm... wonder why she loves jewelry so much?!!!

We kept the celebration going into the evening by heading to a local Greek restaurant with Mimi and Papa.

What fun - the kids love yelling "opa"! Can you see Amelia's excitement?

Amelia was even able to fit in a belly dancing lesson - notice the new shiny red shoes?

It was such a wonderful day and she had a blast! So fun to spend such a special day with friends and family - we love you Amelia!


everyday inspirations said...

OMG - the 'Opa!' photo had me cracking up...her expression was just priceless. Hope she had a great day...they remember those details.

Where did you find that fabulous jewelry box in the photo with the tiny dancer? LOVE the colors. My daughter is 3 and in love with all things jewelry, girly, ruffles - I would love to get one of those for her. Do tell if you know! Thanks!

catherine s.

Paula Prass said...

OPA!!!! It was such a great day, wasn't it? Love that girl and her mommy.