Saturday, July 3, 2010

Matilda Jane Art Fair

Last weekend was the Matilda Jane Art Fair that is held annually at the MJC warehouse. We took the opportunity to turn it into an excuse for a fun girl's weekend - and oh, did we have fun!

My friend Loree and myself were able to find all sorts of goodies! You had to grab what you could and look through your pile later to make final decisions. It was definitely every woman for herself!

While waiting in line my friend Missy and myself couldn't help but have a photo taken in front of this amazing backdrop. Love it!

We're almost there!!! The lines actually weren't as bad as I had thought they would be. It gave us time to all catch up while waiting.

We enjoyed our shopping with friends, ate lunch, took a little nap, and then we headed off to the MJC Cocktail Party at Denise and David's home. I was so impressed with Denise and David - they are just so down to earth and the most amazing host and hostess. I'm so glad that we were able to attend this part of the festivities.

What a fun filled weekend and I'm already looking forward to it next year! You may want to keep your eyes open too and not miss it next year!

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Lori said...

Wish I could have gone, but I live much too far away! Looks like it was wonderful! I did catch some great deals last week during their online sale though, stocked up on school clothes with the 65% off on Wednesday and I couldn't be happier about that!