Monday, January 25, 2010

Indianapolis Fox59 Stella & Dot Interview!

My interview with Fox59 about my experience with Stella & Dot went off without a hitch! Joe came home early from work and we all anxiously sat and waited for the Female Focus segment. I am happy with how it turned out and amazed at how well they pulled it together based on how many times they probably had to edit us!

It is going to air again on the morning show and then it will be available on the website. Once it is updated on the Fox59 website I will be sure to add it here for you all to see as well!

Thanks for all of your well wishes - it was fun receiving emails and phone calls today leading up to the airing of it and afterwards! One of my BFF's called and said she was in her family room by herself clapping when it was over! Ahhhh... how fun?!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fox 59 News Female Focus Interview!

So I received a call on Wednesday for an interview to take place the next morning in my office! It is for a Female Focus segment on our local Fox 59 News with Angela Ganote. The focus for the segment is the amazing flexibility that Stella & Dot has given me to be able to work with financial success, but also stay at home full time with the kids. What a great opportunity, right?!!

I was thrilled, but all I could think of is that the office is the one space in my house that I have never decorated. The office used to be the guest bedroom, but when my Stella & Dot business took off I had to convert it into my office with random lamps, desks, etc.!

Thankfully I was able to pull off a space that I was proud of and also inspired by - I should have done this a long time ago.

Amelia also has her own little desk space in my office and she was here for the interview as well - oh yeah! I'm very interested in seeing what complete sentences I was able to finish without a colored picture being handed to me by her or her correcting one of my answers. I made the mistake of mentioning that Stella & Dot gave me the flexibility to work in the morning if I wanted and maybe go to the Children's Museum with Amelia in the afternoon - it was just a for instance, but Amelia whipped around and made sure to make note that it had not happened yet!

I'm anxious and a little nervous to see how it all turns out! It should be airing within the next week so I'll be sure to follow up and possibly post the link (if I haven't embarrassed myself too much!).

Stella & Dot has created my true dream job and brought along with it so many wonderful opportunities. The company is growing and we just hired the Sr. Designer from Kate Spade to join Blythe's design team - absolutely amazing! I'll leave you with a great promotion we are currently running till the end of the month (only 6 more days) which gives an additional $100 in free jewels when signing up to become a Stylist. You can contact me directly and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Baby is 5!

It is so hard to believe that Amelia is 5 years old. The years have flown by and it was so fun to celebrate her special day - she was so excited. We agreed on a "Cupcake Decorating" party and it was actually quite fun. The kids made the cutest little cupcakes - perfect for capturing on film!

Amelia has a love of all things girly. It was fitting that she received lip gloss, stickers, hair bows, jewelry, and her first jewelry box (she actually received 2!). Hmmm... wonder why she loves jewelry so much?!!!

We kept the celebration going into the evening by heading to a local Greek restaurant with Mimi and Papa.

What fun - the kids love yelling "opa"! Can you see Amelia's excitement?

Amelia was even able to fit in a belly dancing lesson - notice the new shiny red shoes?

It was such a wonderful day and she had a blast! So fun to spend such a special day with friends and family - we love you Amelia!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Back.............

So, I disappeared (not intentionally) during October, November, and December.

Let's try to get caught back up! It has been a whirlwind around here, but I'll do my best to recap one quarter of the year in one post - as briefly as possible and with photos of course!

We'll stick with chronological order - how about that? Ready, let's go!

Stella & Dot Holiday Season

October was the beginning of the best selling season of the year and it also happened to be my first Holiday season with Stella & Dot. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had an average of 6 shows booked each month so I stayed busier than normal. It was so successful but more importantly it was fun, fun, fun!

Wyatt as Michael Jackson & Amelia as Thumblina
with Mimi & Papa

Wyatt had Michael's dance moves down and was happy to break into moonwalking upon request. Amelia was a cute little Thumblina, but quickly had to change into warmer clothes because it was cold that night!

Big Change

October brought one of the toughest decisions I've had to make in my life. After working with my mom for five amazing years, I made the bittersweet change to stay home full time while pursuing my growing Stella & Dot business. While we all knew it is was the best decision for our family, I still struggled with the transition. Of course, mom has been so understanding and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. Thanks mom!

Our Home - For Sale
We found a spec home that we really loved and decided to make the jump to put our house on the market. If our home sells, then we'll plan to pursue purchasing the spec home and if that spec home sells before our home does then maybe we'll just build that spec ourselves. We'll see, but I can tell you I am so ready for a basement and a mud room!


It was here before we knew it! The kids were so excited and it really is all about them - it is so wonderful to see the joy on their faces. We did our best to remind them of what the season is really all about, but we didn't bake our Birthday cake for Jesus this year like we have in previous years. We'll have to make sure not to miss that again next year - you'll have to hold us accountable for next year, okay?!

New Year's Eve

Basement and Mud Room here we come! What a way to finish the year! We accepted an offer on our home on New Year's Eve day after our home was on the market for just 35 days. What a surprise!

We celebrated that evening with our bestest friends Kelly and Jansen - again, the perfect ending to an year full of changes that we never anticipated.

We are hopeful and eager to see what 2010 brings to all of us.