Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mia's Motorcycle Mania

Amelia (AKA Mia) turned 4 last week and she made sure her celebration was as unique as she is!

As we were approaching Amelia's birthday we kept asking her what kind of party she wanted. Did she want to go to Chuck E Cheese, a bowling party, etc. The only piece of information we could get out of her is that she wanted a cake with a girl riding on a motorcycle - interesting, huh?! Well, leave it to Joe's parents (who get the kids a cake for all of their birthdays) to grant her the one birthday wish she had. She was as happy as could be and the cake turned out better than what my imagination had originally come up with when she first requested "a girl riding on a motorcycle cake"!

Her celebration has been quiet and small so far - no big party yet. Instead, we are planning to share her party at the end of the month with her best boy friend, Jesse, who is only 5 weeks younger than her. I'll be sure to post party pics of the two of them!

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