Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leg Lamp Saga

Who knew this lamp could wreak so much havoc on our home?

The week prior to Christmas I was heading to take Amelia up to bed when Joe was channel surfing and found A Christmas Story. We stopped to watch because it was the scene when the "leg lamp" was delivered to their home. We finished watching and then went on up to bed. Little did I know what that 5 minute clip would mean to our near future!

As we were heading up the stairs Amelia started asking questions like, "Mommy, where is her other leg?" and "How will she get her leg back?", and on and on. Amelia is the queen of 20 questions so I just went with the flow and didn't think anything about it. It wasn't until the next day that I realized we might have an issue because she brought up the "leg" again.

Each night we have to go through all of the leg questions again along with assuring her that the "leg won't come into her room to get her". Not only has this dramatically changed our bedtime routine, but it has changed our bathroom routine. You ask how? Well, suddenly she cannot go potty by herself. She now will come to us and ask, "Will you watch me go potty?" - can you believe it? It doesn't matter what time of day it is - she doesn't want to go potty by herself. The poor girl is afraid to be by herself because she thinks the "leg is going to get her".

What are we to do? Bedtime is now a nightmare including tears and multiple tries along with having to chaperon potty time. If I had only known!!! The "leg" has taken my self-confident, independent almost 4 year old and turned her into a fearful legophobic!!!

So, just a warning to all you other mom's out there - beware of the "leg"!

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Emma said...

I recently read on a blog somewhere about a woman whose husband came home with one of these lamps - much to her disgust! I wonder if you could obtain and then destroy it in front of Amelia? Good luck restoring easier toiletting and bedtimes.