Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Are Family

As I begin to share with you "my storey", I thought it might be nice for me to share with you our family in more detail - you know, the real scoop! This way you'll be prepared in the future - you'll remember back to this post and say, "Yep, that is exactly how she described Joe, Wyatt and Amelia!".

I also wanted to be able to share with you the great photos my long-time friend Loree was able to capture of our family this past September. She did a wonderful job and somehow made us all look amazing - I think a large amount of photo editing was done on her part!!!! Please stop by her blog to see her other work and be sure to keep her in mind if you live in the Indianapolis area.

Wyatt is our 6 year old sentimental, sport loving, class clown - strange combination, huh?!

Well, if you know his dad you would completely understand where the class clown trait comes from. My husband has an amazing sense of humor and can keep everyone rolling. I fell in love with him and his sense of humor over 14 years ago - although, now some jokes aren't so funny anymore!

Wyatt is willing to try any sport. Soccer, flag football, basketball, and wrestling (I'll spare you the photos of his skinny body in a singlet) - but his one true love is football. No longer am I able to persuade him to wear his stripe polo shirt over the solid long sleeve tee or his rugby shirts with his chinos - it is all about football jerseys around here. This past year he actually had a wonderful flag football season and was nicknamed Wyatt "The Mangler" Storey. I am his biggest cheerleader, but I don't think he'll have a long career since neither my husband or myself were too athletically inclined!

He has the sweetest most tender heart and I love him to pieces. He has his moments - no perfect child here, but he is a light in our lives!

Amelia is our almost 4 year old spunky, independent daughter who lives life to it's fullest.

When I say spunky I mean the girl keeps us on our toes. At age 2 she had mastered pushing the chair over to the pantry, climbing on to the third shelf, grabbing the pack of gum, shoving the piece of gum in her mouth, climbing down, abandoning the chair in the pantry and on to the next thing in less than 10 seconds flat. To this day she still tells people that she got "kicked out of nastics" which translates to mommy had to withdraw her from her gymnastics class due to her distracting behavior. From what I hear, she is a spittin' image of me and I turned out okay so there isn't anything to worry about - right???

She is so full of life and has no problem taking charge of whatever situation comes her way. Although, she should have come with a list of instructions: no markers or paint even when supervised, no red chapstick, can unlock advil bottles, etc. We love her to pieces as well and are sure that we'll have many more adventures headed our way with her.

Joe is my comedic, supportive Italian stallion (did I just really say that?) husband! He makes up for so many of my short comings and I don't think any other man would be able to put up with my inadequacies when it comes to my domestic pursuits. He cooks, cleans (that means toilets, girls), does laundry and the list goes on. He puts up with my workaholic, blogaholic, facebookaholic tendencies and still loves me at the end of the day. Wow, I've painted a pretty good picture of everyone in our family except for myself, huh?

The truth is I am blessed and I need to stop and reflect on that a little more - maybe this post was as much for me as it was for you.

Well, welcome to our family and ya'll come back now (yep, originally from Nashville, TN)!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the blog. Looking forward to hearing more abouy the family.

Jenny Banks

Anonymous said...

So glad to read I'm not the only woman who isn't a domestic godess! My husband has been bitten by the cooking bug....Thank heavens and has been preparing the food lately. Gotta love that! I always said I'm a great wife, a great mother, but a crappy housewife....that's why I need to work. I can't justify staying at home! ;-)