Friday, February 20, 2009

Commercial Break?

How long did it take them to choreograph this number?!! I can't believe they were able to go right back to the nightly news without cracking a smile or bursting out in laughter - that is the most amazing part to me!

(via A CUP OF JOE via Abby)

In other news (he, he), I came home from work and running some errands to this - how exciting!

Much to my surprise Joe had started priming the walls for the new room update. I was planning on starting tomorrow in between a birthday party for Wyatt & Amelia's friends and a girls night out to celebrate my BFF Esther's birthday, but now I won't have to. Yipee!


Paula Prass said...

We love the Commercial Break! And I'm lovin my son-in-law. How sweet to come home to dinner and a dining room being painted. We have special husbands, don't we?

Jennifer Storey said...

Yes, we do! It's almost done being painted - he worked on it while we were at Ella & Jake's birthday party.