Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're Back.....

and catching up on work, Amelia's last week of school, and the list goes on! We had such a wonderful time in Pittsburgh debuting mom's 2nd line of fabrics called Summer Soiree. The lovely Patty Young took this amazing photo of me and mom - I had to borrow it since the majority of the photos we took didn't pass our strict approval standards!

We had a smaller space for this market, but mom did an amazing job packing a nice punch! It was so encouraging to see people stop in their tracks and go on and on about the amazing design space.

Some of my favorite things in the booth space were the different handbags sewn by Simone and the clutch below is going to be tough to return to her. I swoon gray and yellow so this clutch is a perfect accessory for me - and you know how much I love my accessories!

This is one of the many items in the booth that would stop people in their tracks - an amazing piece of artwork created by mom with her Summer Soiree fabric collection. This artwork was inspired by a bouquet of flowers that Michael Miller sent to mom last August when she broke her arm. Thankfully her arm has healed tremendously and she is back to sketching, sewing, etc. as if it never happened - hallelujah!

I'll work to have a 2nd post highlighting other friends and spaces from Quilt Market as well. Stay tuned and enjoy your Holiday weekend!

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