Sunday, June 21, 2009

Windy City

Ralph Lauren Lunch
Lindsay, Me, Carlie, and Jana

Last weekend I headed out of town with girlfriends to the windy city of Chicago! We spent our first day shopping at the outlet mall in Aurora and had an amazing time. Carlie is our party planner extroadinare so she had reservations for us the next day at Ralph Lauren - yes, there is a restaurant next to the store! We had a wonderful lunch then headed out for more - yes, shopping.

Ralph Lauren Collage

The morning was extremely cold and rainy - but we weathered the storm and thankfully the sun and warmth were in full bloom by the afternoon. Just in time for Lindsay and myself to fit in a run on Lakeshore - no humidity and a great breeze. Oh I would run every day outside if the weather was like that here.

Water Tower Place

I was in awe of the Club Monaco window - isn't it inspiring? I adore black and white photo collages and have been wanting to start one in my home - they just stepped it up a notch by adding amazing fashion as well. How perfect?!

Club Monaco

That evening Carlie had plans for us to eat at Hugo's Frog Bar. Good food, good friends.

Hugo's Dinner

Our plan was to hit the road Sunday morning to make it back by early afternoon - I did wake up that morning with the worst flu ever!!!! Don't even ask about the elevator ride down from the 23rd floor - my poor friends were trapped on there with me, but they were very supportive! It took 2 full days for me to get back to feeling 1/2 way back to normal - I was most concerned that the girls would catch it as well. Thankfully no one else got the bug - I was especially concerned about Carlie who is due with her first this September. What a way to end a trip, but we'll never forget it!

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