Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Make A Deal!

Okay, so there are some of you out there that have been eager to see some photos of our new home! We still have plenty of empty wall space and more finishing touches to add, but this is at least a good start.

Just 2 weekends after we moved in I took a trip to the Outlet Stores in Ohio to help add some new decor to the spaces. I was so happy with my purchases and I just have to share with you my deals!

We'll start with the Kitchen Nook - do you remember this picture from my previous post?

I adore Ballard Designs and had my eye on some key pieces that I was hoping to score at the outlet. The light fixture was one of those items and I just love how it looks in our new space! Not only did I save on the cost of the fixture, but I saved on shipping - happy dance!

Next up is our new coffee table - I had debated on a slipcovered ottoman vs. a coffee table. Well, Ballard Designs Outlet delivered again and look at what we have here - just don't look too closely at all of the books on the bottom shelf (the WWE Encyclopedia is going to have to be cut from the mix)!

My next stop was Pottery Barn Outlet and I was just looking for accessories to help make this house our home. I found the deal of the year here and I couldn't be happier. We have a "command center" off of our kitchen that should probably be a space that is used for menu planning and all that other stuff that I know nothing about! Instead, I use this as my Stella & Dot hub because it is right in the midst of where the kids play. Just look at this piece - it is an office organization cabinet that fits perfectly into the space, but you know what the best part is? It was originally $399 and it was the special of the day for $50!

I'm also loving my large linen memo board which was another great find at the Pottery Barn Outlet. I'll be filling it up with inspiration and all things Stella & Dot! This is in my new office which happens to be just off of the front entry.

I'm looking forward to finishing this office space out - I'm thinking aquas, creams, and linens! Maybe even a feature wall with an amazing aqua wallpaper. Here's a little inspiration for you to see the vision for my office. What do you think?

My last stop was IKEA! The window treatments were such an amazing deal - I think $20 for each set of panels. I managed to fill an entire cart full of window treatments, lanterns, white pitchers, and many other fun accessories for our home.

Overall, it was the most success I've had during an outlet shopping trip. Now I just need to save up for the next one!

We love our new home and hope you enjoyed the mini tour. I'll plan to send updated photos once we get a little further along. I have so many ideas and just not enough time and money to complete the projects yet - but it will all happen soon enough!


Marie said...

It's all so beautiful! Great job! My house has a lot of robin's egg blue in the decor. I love the open-ness of your home. Congrats!

Jen Cavalcanti said...

Uh, it's GORGEOUS!!! love love love it!