Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New You

It's a New Year... New You! What are your goals, aspirations, or resolutions as we begin this new year?

For so many of us this is the time of year that we're able to reflect on the past and make our plans for how we're going to balance it all better in the future. For myself I have a renewed energy and excitement for the year to come.

My goals in no particular order for this year are...

to post here on a regular basis while also connecting with so many of you fellow fabulous bloggers - you all inspire me!

to empower other women to style their own life as they launch or manage their career as a Stella & Dot Stylist. Stella & Dot has provided me the opportunity to work at home full time, contribute to the family income, and the flexibility to be there for my family. I have high hopes and goals for the year to come and will be working hard with our team to help them meet their dreams as well!

2010 photography

to drastically expand my manual mode skills in photography...aperature, ISO, shutter speed, and so on! I desperately want to feel confident with my skills by the end of 2011!

family + friends

to build and nurture my relationships with God, my family, and dear friends.

Here's to an amazing & fabulous 2011!


A Wedding Story said...

Love the goals! You can master the photography goal...practice and patience!

Megan Pippin said...

Hi Jennifer!

I rarely comment on blogs but just ran across yours as I was googling and was amazed at how similar our 2011 goals are!!! Check mine out at Weird huh?!?!?

Blessings in this new year!